Lamberto Tedaldi

- Project Mananger & Senior Developer -

PHP - Python - Javascript - HTML5 - Godot Engine - Blender - Gimp

Davide Romboli

- Web & Graphic Designer - 3D & Developer -

HTML5 - CSS - After Effects - Blender - Photoshop - Inkscape

Alessandra Tombaccini

Business Developer
Social Media & SEO Specialist

web marketing - social networks - online advertising

Our philosophy

The commitment of the Officine Pixel staff takes shape through teamwork; they are professionals with experience and with diverse, integrated and complementary skills. It is a team which has the ability to pinpoint and understand the client needs, to reach objectives and get the best results.

Our Mission

It is fundamental for Officine Pixel combining technology and ideas is the best way to create a communication both personal and original.

Create easily understood and user-friendly projects utilizing advanced open-source tools.

  • Technological Innovation
  • Operational Ease
  • Original Design


Always the commitment to use and spread the use of Open Source software

  • HTML5, PHP, Python, MySQL
  • Bootstrap, CSS3 Animations
  • Godot Engine, Blender, Krita, GIMP, Inkscape