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Collateral Damages 3D
immagineFebruary 4 2014
Collateral Damages, despite the years from its publication, is still played by web users, especially those from china. We are currently working on a new version of the game giving to it the third dimension.

FFx Runner HD is out!
immagineJanuary 20 2014
In the occurrence of the 10th anniversary of the publication of the original game we decided to celebrate it with a shiny new "remastered" version. Here to you FFX Runner HD.

FFX Runner HD is coming
immagineJanuary 9 2014
Celebrating the ten years of life of FFX Runner we are working on a remastered version of it.

Wings 1941
immagineNovember 7 2013
Wings 1941 is an air combat game set in the Second World War. Click here to play it.

Free internet games
Inside Web Games section you'll find a collection of games and advergames, made by Officine Pixel for his clients, you can play directly on your brower. New games are added on regular basis, so, check it out frequently.
Some of them are listed here below:

immagine Use the mouse to maneuver your plane and fly as far as you can, rule the skies by destroying enemy aircrafts and vehicles that comes in your way. Collect ammunitions, repair bonuses, fuel and extra life.

immagine Jump! They are determined to kill you! Your only chance to survive is to escape from your chasers by accomplishing each mission. You have no weapons, get rid of enemies by hitting them from above.

immagine FFX Racing is a 3D racing game set in the countryside. Your only chance to win is to get to the finish line before any of the other cars. Use ramps to jump over and overtake other drivers. Good luck!

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