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Jelly Invaders from Outer Space
immagineSeptember 3 2014
This HTML5 game is a shoot'em up with a "zuma" twist. It's time to play. Follow this link.

Jaspy Little Caveman 2
immagineJune 22 2014
Released the new adventure of Jaspy the little caveman.
Follow this link for playing the game.

Captain DJ 2
immagineJune 17 2014
Released the sequel of captain DJ. In this new adventure he is called one more time to save one more time planet earth and the human race from Dr. Noise. Follow this link for play it .

Collateral Damages 3D
immagineFebruary 4 2014
Collateral Damages, despite the years from its publication, is still played by web users, especially those from china. We are currently working on a new version of the game giving to it the third dimension.

Free internet games
Inside Web Games section you'll find a collection of games and advergames, made by Officine Pixel for his clients, you can play directly on your brower. New games are added on regular basis, so, check it out frequently.
Some of them are listed here below:

immagine FFX Racing is a 3D racing game set in the countryside. Your only chance to win is to get to the finish line before any of the other cars. Use ramps to jump over and overtake other drivers. Good luck!

immagine Still in developing stage, it's a first person exploration game featuring cinematic cut scenes. You are a spy girl and your mission is to stole important secrets from laboratory. Explore corridors and find the way to the super computer room. When objects light up, press space bar to interact with them.

immagine Dr. Noise has stolen all the music from planet earth. Captain DJ needs your help to accomplish his mission and set free the music back again.

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