Joe Volcano

Mind Frog is an online strategy game for two players. Play it on your desktop computer or onto your mobile device, invite your friends to challenge you by sending them a game link with Email, Whatsapp, SMS, Google Plus, Facebook or Twitter. YYou can also copy and paste the link to your favorite instant messaging software like Skype or whatever. Each player controls a set of 12 frogs, lined up in two rows of six, the object of the game is for a player to move all of their frogs to their opponent's starting zone. Frogs can move to the next free cell, if any, or by "jumping" over other frogs. A frog can jump over one or more frogs as long as they are all in a row with no intervening spaces. When a frog lands it can continue to jump as long as there are legal moves remaining for it. Frogs may jump over frogs belonging to either player. Once a player has completed their move the other player takes their turn. The first player to get all of their frogs to the opposite end of the board is the winner.

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