Collateral Damages II

Choose your preferred destruction machine and start smashing the city. Use left and right arrow to control mech walking direction.
In the upper left border of the game screen are shown the mech residual energy, the percentage of city destruction and your score. Each time enemies bullets hit the mech then it loses some energy, when energy is over the mech explodes.

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View model STOOFA Hiscore                      View model AK021 Hiscore

You can drop energy shields to protect from enemy fire. Each shield you deploy cost you 2 energy units but it could protect you from heavier loss.
You can rotate the mech weapon by using up and down arrow. Hit z key to fire. Keep on firing on targets until they explodes.
Use space bar to jump. Keep pressing the space bar to ignite the backpack jet thrusters so to jump higher.

When the mech is on the ground, z key launches the wreckball, instead, while jumping the same key is used for the machine gun.
Use spacebar for jumping, because this mech is not equipped with jet backpack, it's jumping capabilities are very limited.
Use x key to rise the shield to protect you from enemies fire.            Download this game